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  • People strolling through green courtyard of a residential complex
    Prince of Wales Drive, London
  • Plant beds and walkways surrounded by apartment blocks
    Square Streatham Hill, London
  • Roof garden with flower beds, walkways, benches and a wooden pergola
    Victoria Centre Roof Garden, Nottingham
  • Residential courtyard with wooden benches, lawn, perennials and small trees
    Plough Lane, Wimbledon
  • Lawn, small trees and plant beds surrounded by apartment blocks
    Dickens Yard, London
  • Park with small trees, a pergola and benches around a skulpture
    Beaufort Park, London
  • Roof Garden with Ornamental Leek
    Barbican Beech Gardens, London
  • Park with trees and water basis with fountains
    Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf, London
  • Pathways, lawn, small trees and water feature surrounded by residential buildings.
    Chelsea Waterfront, London
  • Pitched green roof in a park in front of the Parliamentary Education Center
    Parliamentary Education Center, London
  • Pub with a pitched green roof
    The Potting Shed, Maiden
  • Garden with lawn, trees and planters infront of a manor house
    Hampstead Manor, London
  • Rooftop garden from bird's eye view
  • Roof garden with vegetable patches
  • Vegetable garden
  • Vegetable garden on a roof surrounded by buildings
  • Vegetable garden
  • Roof garden with vegetable patches
  • Cucumber plants
  • Harvesting lettuce
  • Courgette
  • Various vegetables
  • Brewery
  • The Protection Mat SSM 45 is applied on a roof
  •  Floradrain® FD 40-E
  • Geogrids are being installed
  • Substrate is blown onto the roof
  • Roof garden with vegetable patches

Urban Farming in Toronto

“Fresh ingredients taste better” is the guiding principle of the farm to table movement and nothing could be more natural than using your own roof for growing herbs, vegetables or even hops. The Avling Kitchen and Brewery in Toronto has proven this with their 400 m² roof garden that supplies all kinds of ingredients for their own brewery and restaurant.

  • System build-up “Stormwater Management Roof”
  • RS 60 spacer
  • RSX spacer elements during installation
  • Green roofs in the city

The huge mixed-use development at Wimbledon Grounds including vast 15,967 sqm area of “blue” roofs and “blue” podiums is one of the largest blue roofing projects in the UK. The key feature of these blue/green roofs is the ZinCo system build-up “Stormwater Management Roof” which can not only store large volumes of rainwater and release them again over predetermined periods but also reduces the urban heat island effect by the huge amount of greened areas.
Wimbledon Grounds is a mixed-use regeneration masterplan with a high profile residential development. Within the residential area 14.000 sqm of Blue Roofs have been installed. The ZinCo stormwater management system combines the benefits of green roofs or trafficable areas with an efficient flood prevention tool.
  • Roof garden with lawn and trees
  • Robafix®

Trees are increasingly used as an architectural design feature in the landscaping of roofs and podium decks. The selection of suitable tree species, adequate roof substrate and, above all, the local site conditions with regard to wind pressure and wind suction are essential. Steel grids are often used to anchor trees on rooftops by securing the root balls to the grid with tension straps. However, the sharp edges of these steel grids can damage the waterproofing. This can be avoided by using the new ZinCo Robafix® tree anchorage system.



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