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ZinCo – Pioneers and Experts in Roof Greening

2020 Development and market launch of the new generation of the “Elefeet® Pedestals” and the “Elefeet® Support Rail System” for raised paving and decking on roofs suitable for both simple and most sophisticated designs due to a large range of accessories.
2019 ZinCo Green Roof Systems Ltd. move to larger offices in Witney, Oxfordshire. Development and market launch of the Roof Tree Anchorage System “Robafix®” specially developed for root ball anchoring on intensive green roofs and landscaped podium decks.
2017 Launch of ZinCo system build-up “Urban Climate Roof” designed to achieve maximum evaporation which actively contributes to urban climate control. The ZinCo system “Irrigated Extensive Green Roof” is also introduced as a build-up specially designed for regions with extended dry periods.
2016 Development and market launch of the ZinCo blue roof system build-up “Stormwater Management Roof” to counteract the effects of climate change.
2013 ZinCo Green Roof Systems Ltd. situated in Cambridge is founded to better serve and meet the requirements of a rapidly growing green roof market in the UK.
Launch of “natureline”, the world's first green roof system build-up made of renewable resources.
2010 Market launch of ZinCo “Summer Plains” system build-up, the first worldwide system for easy-care intensive green roofs using capillary irrigation.
2003 Development and market launch of the ZinCo Solar Base SB 200.
EUROROOF is incorporated into ALUMASC Exterior Building Products Ltd. ALUMASC takes over the long-standing partnership as ZinCo representation in the UK.
1998 Development and market launch of ZinCo Fallnet® fall protection system.
1992 To serve the increasing demand in the UK green roof market, ZinCo start their long-lasting partnership with EUROROOF representing ZinCo in the UK market henceforth. Continuous project developments, examples of which are named in the following.
1990 Setup of a soil supply network and marketing of the roof substrate Zincolit® that is made from recycled clay brick. ZinCo starts marketing activities in the UK market offering consultancy and support for the development of green roofs.
1980 Focus on ZinCo's core competence: Roof greening systems.
1978–1983 Market launch of Floradrain® FD 60 and FD 40 drainage elements.
1972 Innovation phase for the climate roof: From flat roof to roof garden. Public relations work on a broad front, integrating colleges and universities.
1960 Specialization in two areas: building systems and flat roof work – with in-house production.
1957 A master craftsman shop is founded by Walter Zink in Unterensingen, Germany.