Fallnet® ASG

  • Fallnet® ASG
    Fallnet® ASG is particularly suitable for long distances and large projects.

Fallnet® ASG – the intricate, penetration-free maintenance guardrail

A collective solution for fall protection such as the Fallnet® ASG offers the advantage that anyone working on a roof is also protected from falling off the roof. The maintenance guardrail can be installed vertically or at an inclination of 67.5 degrees. It is even more visually unobtrusive thanks to the inclination.

The Fallnet® ASG is impressive due to its very fast assembly, low weight and high level of stability. It was developed and tested in practice by experienced tradesmen. This is a system that is particularly suitable for long distances and large projects given its small number of components, quick assembly and large width between the rail posts, infinitely adjustable up to 2.6 m. The entire system can be assembled using only one tool, a cordless screwdriver. Small irregularities can be evened out by adjusting the height.


  • Quick assembly
  • No high point loads
  • No roof penetration
  • Visually unobtrusive at a 67.5° inclination
  • Meets the requirements of EN 13374 Class A
  • Suitable for roofs with a pitch of up to 5°
  • Green roof build-up used as ballast
  • Easy and quick installation, regardless of the sub-structure
  • Dekra-certified



System Build-ups

System build-ups at a glance

Fallnet® SR Rail

The “Fallnet® SR Rail” fall protection allows its users to attach themselves to a fixing point that can move horizontally, thus offering maximum comfort. It is easy and fast to install without any roof penetration.

Fallnet® SR

The “Fallnet® SR” fall protection is highly adaptable, thus being even suitable for small and complex roof areas. It allows easy and quick installation without penetrating the roof membrane.