Guardrail systems for roofs

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    The perfect solution without penetrating the roof membrane.
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ZinCo Balustrade Systems and Railings – Elegant, Practical and Installed without Penetrating the Roof Membrane

For safety reasons, roofs that are going to be used by people require a surrounding balustrade railing. The ZinCo “Guard Rail Base” is the perfect solution without penetrating the roof membrane. It is suitable for the installation of a ZinCo guardrail system and also for individual balustrade systems and railings that are tailored to suit the building architecture.


  • For easy installation balustrade systems and railings without any roof penetration
  • Measured according to German Standard DIN EN 1991-1-1/NA for horizontal load up to 1 kN/m
  • Can be used for post spacing of at least 100 cm
  • Standard solution for 90°-corner


Installation of the ZinCo Guardrail Base The Guard Rail Base is simple to install over the pre-laid protection mat.

The railing is installed using screws and a matching fixing flange The balustrade system or railing is installed using screws and a matching fixing flange.

Substrate and gravel is spread The “Guard Rail Base” can be integrated into a green roof, a gravel layer or paved areas. The important thing is that the required ballast is provided.

ZinCo balustrade railings – variations

The “Guard Rail Base” is suitable for the installation of individual railing solutions, provided there is a suitable fixing flange. In addition, ZinCo offers two different railing systems that are fitted with a matching fixing flange:

Balustrade railing made of stainless steel Clean appearance, elegant design and consistent quality: The ZinCo Balustrade Railing SG 40-E made of stainless steel is used for aesthetically appealing buildings.

Balustrade Railing made of galvanized steel If it's all about function, the ZinCo Balustrade Railing SG 40-S made of galvanized steel is the perfect choice.

System Build-ups

System build-ups at a glance

Fallnet® SR Rail

The “Fallnet® SR Rail” fall protection allows its users to attach themselves to a fixing point that can move horizontally, thus offering maximum comfort. It is easy and fast to install without any roof penetration.

Fallnet® SR

The “Fallnet® SR” fall protection is highly adaptable, thus being even suitable for small and complex roof areas. It allows easy and quick installation without penetrating the roof membrane.