Meadow Scents

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Extensive Green Roof “Meadow Scents” – with Sufficient Distance to Standing Water on 0°-Roofs

On 0°-roofs where deeper puddles might remain the standard extensive system build-up needs to be modified to avoid the danger of drowning the plants. By installing higher Floraset® elements (50 or 75 mm) the necessary distance to the water level is ensured. The green roof build-up will be somewhat higher but not heavier as these elements are made of extruded polystyrene hard foam and therefore have a negligible weight. The Protection Mat TSM 32 with its lower retention capacity is sufficient, as water from the puddles is made available to the plants.


Technical Data
Build-up height ca. 120 mm resp. 150 mm
Weight, saturated ca. 105 kg/m²
Water retention capacity ca. 33 l/m²

System Solutions for Extensive Green Roofs

General overview of various extensive green roof systems and the technology involved.


Number of pages
16 pages
Date of publication
Mar 2020
  • Campanula carpatica
  • Dianthus cartusianorum
  • Gypsophila repens
  • Helianthemum nummularium
  • Prunella grandiflora
  • Saxifraga paniculata
  • Sedum spurium
  • Sedum kamtschaticum
  • Sedum album
  • Sedum floriferum