Landscaped Underground Car Parks

  • Green residential courtyard with lawn and small trees
  • Residential complex with bushes, small trees and flower beds
  • Green residential courtyard with playground

Landscaped Underground Car Parks and Podiums – Combining Hard and Soft Landscapes with Only One Drainage Element

If walkways and driveways are to be combined with soft landscapes on underground car parks or podium decks in general, not only drainage and compressive strength are important, but also the water retention capacity. Stabilodrain® SD 30, the core piece of this build-up, meets all requirements and ensures durable functionality. Stabilodrain® SD 30 is an extremely stable, high pressure resistant drainage element that is quick and easy to install with its lateral, special shaped connecting profiles. Depending on the installation, it allows for drainage of water (diffusion holes facing downwards) or for drainage combined with water retention (diffusion holes facing upwards).

System build-up “Paved Area”

System build-up

System build-up “Green Area”

System build-up

Technical Data
Build-up height from ca. 310 mm
Weight, saturated from ca. 600 kg/m²

System Solutions for Intensive Green Roofs

General overview of various intensive green roof systems and the technology involved.

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