Walkways and driveways on roofs

  • Meadow in full bloom and car parking on an underground garage deck
    Walkways and driveways on rooftops require well-engineered systems

Walkways and Driveways on Rooftops and Podium Decks

Rooftops are being used holistically at an ever increasing rate. Nearly everything that can be realised on the ground is now possible on roofs and podium decks too, provided the right technology is used. Long lasting and functioning walkways and driveways on rooftops require well-engineered systems. These assure the continuance of the roof function (e.g. water proofness drainage, thermal and sound insulation) and cater for horizontal forces generated by accelerating, braking and steering.

Systems for Walkways and Driveways

Walkways on Rooftops and Podium Decks

Green roofs can be combined with paved areas for recreation or sporting surfaces. ZinCo provide well-engineered systems and accessories for all kinds of use.

Driveways on Rooftops and Podium Decks

ZinCo driveway systems meet all requirements and ensure durable functionality for use under driveways, fire brigade access or parking areas on rooftops and podium decks.

Landscaped Underground Car Parks

Stabilodrain® SD 30 turns podium decks on underground garages into parks. Designed to withstand heavy loads, it is perfect base for walkways and driveway on rooftops.
Technical Data
Build-up height from ca. 310 mm
Weight, saturated from ca. 600 kg/m²