Walkways on Rooftops and Podium Decks

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Hard Landscapes on Roofs and Podium Decks – How to Create Walkways, Pathways and Patios on Rooftops

When planning walkways and pathways on roofs and podium decks the weight of the build-up should be considered from the very beginning. During the installation of the different build-up layers the waterproofing has to be protected from damage. It is possible to install a protection mat or a drainage layer which functions as a protection layer as well, such as Elastodrain® EL 202 or Protectodrain® PD 250. The drainage of hard landscapes mostly takes place on the surface. Therefore, a sufficient slope towards the roof drains has to be allowed for. Above the drains removable terrace grills ensure that the water gets downwards and also keep the drains accessible for maintenance.

Drainage channel Drainage: As opposed to landscaped rooftops where water is to be held back and run-off is to be delayed, walkways need most of the rainwater to be quickly drained off the surface. Hence, the drainage points should allow for two levels of drainage: at the surface level and at the lower drainage level. The ZinCo product range provides the necessary systems and accessories to cater for this.

Green roof Inclination: The inclination of the surface layer depends primarily on the surface material. A “stilted surface layer“ does not need any slope since water can drain through the joints and standing water is not to be expected, whereas concrete or paver surfaces require a minimum inclination. Establishing a slope is not a problem, if the waterproofing and the surface have the same slope. If a slope different from the slope of the waterproofing has to be integrated into the surface, a gravel base layer is necessary. When designing a fall the connection heights need to be taken into consideration.

Border between walkway and vegetationEdging and borders: A stable edging is almost as important as a durable drainage element. ZinCo stainless steel profiles and concrete kerbs both present visually pleasing detail solutions. Placing the elements on top of the drainage layer does not impair water drainage.

People walking on a green roofCombination of walkways and green roofs: If the combination of walkways and green roofs is required, not only drainage and compressive strength are important, but also the water retention capacity. Floradrain® FD 40-E as the core piece of the build-up meets all requirements of the roof and ensures durable functionality. Depending on the installation it allows for water retention (diffusion holes facing up) or drainage of water (diffusion holes facing down).

Running track on a roofSporting surfaces: It is also possible to install special sport surfaces on ZinCo drainage elements. The base layer and the drainage level underneath are able to drain the porous plastic surfaces. The ZinCo Technical Department is able to provide project specific solutions.

Walkways and Driveways on Roofs and Decks

General information about walkways and driveways on roofs and the technology involved.

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System build-up



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Slabs of concrete ≥ 40 mm or natural stone ≥ 50 mm (cobble stones only to be installed in mortar)
Bedding layer 30–50 mm
Floradrain® FD 40-E
Protection Mat SSM 45
Roof construction with suitable waterproofing

Product Details

Floradrain® FD 40-E

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Drainage and water storage element of recycled polyolefin for use on extensive and intensive green roofs with or without slope.

Protection Mat SSM 45

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Water and nutrient storage mat of synthetic fibres, for the application as a protection layer under green roofs, gravel fills, slab pavings, etc.

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The system solution shown relates to the green roof build-up in particular. The roof construction itself is only shown schematically and must be planned and executed according to specialist rules for waterproofed roofs.