Fallnet® SR

  • Roof gardener with fall protection

Fallnet® SR – the Flexible Fixing Device for Fall Protection on Roofs

The “Fallnet® SR” fixing device consists of interlocking grid elements and a centralised fixing point made from stainless steel. It offers new dimensions in terms of flexibility and can be adapted to nearly any construction requirement and geometry. Light domes, drainage outlets and roof penetrations can be smartly embedded within the Fallnet® SR. The grid system is simply laid over the drainage layer and is held in place by the weight of the substrate layer.


  • Certified according to European Standard EN 795 Class E
  • Easy installation without any roof penetration
  • Variable forms by special plugging system of grid elements
  • Highly adaptable, particularly for small and complex roof areas
  • Easy and quick to install without special tools due to the pre-plugged grid elements
  • To be installed with minimum 110 kg/m² superimposed load (e.g. ZinCo System Substrate, gravel or comparable bulk material)
  • Possibility to retrofit Fallnet® SR into an existing green roof build-up


Der Anschlagpunkt wird in das Rasterelement des Fallnet® SR eingesteckt. The fixing point is placed in the center of the grid element.

Zusammengesteckte Rasterelemente des Fallnet® SR Four interlocking plastic grid elements create a unit with a total size of ca. 5.33 m².

Die Rasterelemente des Fallnet® SR werden miteinander verbunden. Once the initial grid element is centred, the other elements are connected to it.

Auf den zusammengesteckten Rasterelementen des Fallnet® SR wird Substrat aufgebracht. Always ensure that the required ballast is used.

Das Substrat verteilt sich in der Wabenstruktur der Rasterlemente des Fallnet® SR. The Fallnet® SR installed directly over the filter sheet perfectly absorbs the substrate through its honeycomb structure.


Fallnet® – for Safety on Flat Roofs

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