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Extensive Green Roof “Rockery Type Plants” – Sophisticated Design and Individual Character

Extensive green roofs call for plant communities that can easily deal with sun, wind and drought. The system build-up “Rockery Type Plants” leads to an extensive green roof with sophisticated design and individual character. The substrate has a minimum depth of 70 mm and the vegetation consists of various species which provide a long blooming period and set different accents throughout the vegetation period.

Water and nutrients are mostly supplied through natural processes. Rainfall collects in the Floradrain® storage cells and roots are provided with water through diffusion. Water is also stored in the protection mat. Excess water is drained away by the Floradrain® element.

Sedum species and other perennials are primarily used as a ground cover. The vegetation of “Rockery Type Plants” is obtained by root ball plants. Hand-planting ensures the design agrees with the landscaping drawings.

The system build-up "Rockery Type Plants" can also be combined with seed-sowing. Different seed mixtures, such as “Meadow Scents”, “Country Colours” and “Grassy Pasture” provide green roofs with a very attractive back to nature appearance.

Technical Data
Build-up height ca. 110 mm
Weight, saturated ca. 122 kg/m²
Water retention capacity ca. 40 l/m²

System Solutions for Extensive Green Roofs

General overview of various extensive green roof systems and the technology involved.


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16 pages
System Specifications
System build-up



Grafik des Systemaufbaus
Plug Plants ”Rockery Type Plants“
System Substrate “Rockery Type Plants”
Filter Sheet SF
Floradrain® FD 25-E
Protection Mat SSM 45
Root Barrier WSF 40, if waterproofing is not root-resistant.

Product Details

Plug Plants ”Rockery Type Plants“

System Substrate “Rockery Type Plants”

Product Image

System Substrate for extensive green roofs in multiple layer build-up.

Filter Sheet SF

Product Image

Geotextile of thermally strengthened polypropylene, applicable as filter sheet above drainage elements for normal mechanical stress.

Floradrain® FD 25-E

Product Image

Pressure resistant drainage and water storage element of recycled polyolefin for use on extensive green roofs.

Protection Mat SSM 45

Product Image

Water and nutrient storage mat of synthetic fibres, for the application as a protection layer under green roofs, gravel fills, slab pavings, etc.

Root Barrier WSF 40

Product Image

Established, proven and tested sheet, easy to install, made of environmentally friendly polyethylene for the use as root protection under extensive green roofs.

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The system solution shown relates to the green roof build-up in particular. The roof construction itself is only shown schematically and must be planned and executed according to specialist rules for waterproofed roofs.

  • Dianthus carthusianorum
  • Helianthemum nummularium
  • Campanula carpatica
  • Gypsophila repens
  • Saxifraga paniculata
  • Prunella grandiflora