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  • Plant beds and walkways surrounded by apartment blocks
    Square Streatham Hill, London
  • Lawn, small trees and plant beds surrounded by apartment blocks
    Dickens Yard, London
  • Park with small trees, a pergola and benches around a skulpture
    Beaufort Park, London
  • Roof Garden with Ornamental Leek
    Barbican Beech Gardens, London
  • Pathways, lawn, small trees and water feature surrounded by residential buildings.
    Chelsea Waterfront, London
  • Pitched green roof in a park in front of the Parliamentary Education Center
    Parliamentary Education Center, London
  • Park with trees and water basis with fountains
    Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf, London
  • Pub with a pitched green roof
    The Potting Shed, Maiden
  • Garden with lawn, trees and planters infront of a manor house
    Hampstead Manor, London
  • Concrete slabs on Elefeet® pedestals
  • Terrace with concrete slabs on Elefeet® pedestals
  • Installing concrete slabs on pedestals at the door exit
  • Installing Elefeet® rail system
  • Elefeet® rail system with pedestals
  • Terrace with Elefeet® rail system

Roof terrace flooring on pedestals 

Pedestals are perfect for roof walkway and terrace floorings. The reason is that roofs often do not have the load-bearing capacity to carry the weight of the base layer, the bedding material and the flooring, and the material is also awkward to transport and distribute with this design. On the other hand, it is easy to use the well-known ZinCo Elefeet® pedestals that are now being launched on the market in a new and expanded version that includes a rail system.

Watch the installation video about the new ZinCo Elefeet® pedestals and rail system.
  • Planning Guide

Our new planning guide is now uploaded for you on our website. It includes useful tools for planners and installers such as QR Codes for Q37 specifications and installation instructions.
  • Herb and vegetable plots in front of a historic building
  • Herb and vegetable plots in front of a historic building
  • Roof garden with herb and vegetable plots
  • Roof garden with herb and vegetable plots
  • Roof garden with herb and vegetable plots
  • Roof garden with herb and vegetable plots
  • Various vegetables
  • Plot with herbs on a rooftop
  • Bumblebee on flowering herbs
  • Drainage elements
  • Fixodrain® XD 20
  • Substrate is blown onto the roof

Parisian roof terrace at the Pavillon d’Armenonville

The Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris offers an exceptional and prestigious backdrop for corporate and private events. The architecturally appealing building hosts guests in six lounges and in a stylish 515 m² roof garden. A host of different vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are grown there in 26 plant beds in which the ZinCo system build-up “Urban Farming” has been installed.



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