Battersea Power Station, London

Battersea Power Station
project profile data
Area: ca. 11,000 m²
Construction year: 2021
Architect/Design: Wilkinson Eyre
Landscape Architect: LDA Design
Contractor: Maylim Ltd.
System build-up: “Roof Garden” with Floradrain®  FD 60 neo

Battersea Power Station is located on the south bank of the River Thames, in an inner-city district in South West London. The two electric power stations integrated in one building were in operation until 1975 and 1983. After a long period of vacancy, and several false starts, redevelopment of the site into a new central London neighbourhood is well underway now. With the chimneys and turbine halls remaining the dominant features of the Grade II listed building, the Power Station’s character has been retained and has made it an extraordinary project. It is a mixed-use development providing residential space as well as shops, offices, restaurants and leisure space built in 8 phases. In phase two finished end of 2021, the ZinCo system “Roof garden with FD 60 neo” was used for the hard and soft landscaping scheme in front of the Power station building. This is a massive podium deck and below ground there is the equivalent of a 6 storey high ‘excavation’ which houses the entire energy plant for the Battersea redevelopment complex. Thanks to its high water retention capacity FD 60 neo is the ideal solution to allow for a balanced water-air supply, to drain off excess water and at the same time store sufficient water especially if no additional irrigation is provided.

  • Walkways and plant beds
    Hard and soft landscaping was installed on the podium deck in front of the Power Station using a FD 60 neo build-up.
  • Recreational park
    Vast recreational areas merge into 6 acres of riverfront park along a stretch of the river Thames which has not yet been accessible to the public.
  • Restaurant in front of a water basin
    Shops, restaurants, cafés, offices, and leisure facilities provide everything residents might need.
  • Ornamental grasses in front of a building
    A modern vegetation concept using a great variety of drought resistant grasses was implemented.