Chartered Bank Headquarters, London

Green roof in combination with solar energy
project profile data
Area: Approx. 2,200 m²
Refurbishment Year: 2015
Planning of solar installation: AMA Electrical Services, Brighton
Contractor: Solinium Ltd., High Wycombe
System build-up: Solar installation with ZinCo Solar Base SB 200
Project report

This roof refurbishment on the Chartered Bank headquarters building in London was part of the bank’s ongoing energy efficiency projects aiming at creating a low energy and low carbon building. The refurbishment included a new solar installation as well as the replacement of the old sedum roof by a wildflower roof providing more biodiversity. To avoid the need of penetrating the roof waterproofing, a ballasted system with ZinCo Solar Bases SB 200 was chosen to mount the PV panels. The solar frame inclinations and the distance between rows had to be carefully planned by the ZinCo technical department to avoid shading of the solar panels and reducing their efficiency. For the same reason suitable plants not growing too high had to be selected. Evapotranspiration from the green roof helps to keep the ambient temperature on the roof below a max. of approx. 35° C thus increasing the PV panels efficiency.

  • Solar panels and nesting aid for insects on a green roof
    The refurbishment included a new solar installation and a green roof replacement to improve biodiversity.