Roof Garden, Munich

Roof garden with lawn and vines
project profile data
Area: 280 m²
Construction year: 2011
Contractor: SE-BAU Landschaftsbau GmbH, Karlsfeld
System build-up: “Roof Garden” with Aquatec® AT 45
Project report

The dream of a garden of your own is difficult to realize in a big city. Therefore in Munich three parties residing in the same building joined together and started an exciting project. The original saddle roof of the building was replaced by an additional fifth floor, accommodating three apartments with a common flat roof. That’s where the common roof garden was to be realized. Due to structural restrictions only the system build-up “Roof Garden” with Aquatec® AT 45 came into question, as the substrate layer here can be reduced to approximately 100 mm. The principle of this system build-up is based on the distribution and retention of water in the cells of the water storage element Aquatec® AT 45. Water is being supplied via dripperlines. It is being soaked up by the fibres of the Wicking Mat DV 40 and thus provided to the substrate. Finally pre-cultivated turf was laid on top of the substrate.”

  • Rocking chair on a roof garden with lawn in the city
    The rocking chair beckons to rest and enjoy the view.
  • Gardeners laying lawn turf
    Pre-cultivated turf was laid on top of the substrate.
  • Turf
    The turf is a species-rich herb-lawn mixture.
  • Roof garden with two cubical houses
    The wooden cubes have also been planted with Sedum species.
  • Couple and a dog on a wooden deck on a roof garden in the city
    The wooden decks accommodate seating and potted plants.