Terminal Building, Airport Ibiza/Spain

Flowering extensive green roof at the airport
project profile data
Area: Approx. 3,200 m²
Construction year: 2012
Architect/Design: Javier Martinez and Jesús Sansó
Contractor: Proyectos Paisajísticos de Baleares S.L., Palma de Mallorca
Jardinatura S.L., Terrassa, Barcelona

To enhance the visual appearance of the surrounding roof areas and therefore to improve the view from the waiting hall, the operator of the Ibiza Airport decided for a green roof. However, a weight restriction of approx. 95 kg/m² needed to be considered. Therefore the installers were forced to use a substrate that would guarantee a specific weight of only 850 kg/m³ but at the same time would provide an adequate nutrient supply. The system substrate that was offered by the ZinCo associated company Cubiertas Ecológicas S.L., met all these conditions. To ensure a balanced water and air supply drainage elements of the type Floradrain® FD 40-E were applied on the entire roof area before. The photographs prove the success of the works. Shortly after the completion of the landscaping works the vegetation shows a covering of almost 100 % – also due to the integrated drip irrigation.

  • View from the waiting hall across the green roof
    View from the waiting hall on the large-scale planting.
  • Newly planted green roof
    The roof area a few months after the plug plants have been planted.