Weltevreden, Amersfoort

Large courtyard with plant beds and small trees, surrounded by residential buildings
project profile data
Area: Approx. 2,500 m²
Construction year: 2009
Architect/Design: INBO Architecten, Amsterdam
Contractor: Smink, Amersfoort
System build-up: “Driveway” with Stabilodrain® SD 30
Project report

The residential complex “Weltevreden” in Amersfoort is located near the city center and consists of 124 residential units, commercial areas and a two-story parking garage. The single residential units can be accessed via the courtyard. To allow for accessibility by cars for urgent cases a system build-up based on the heavy-duty drainage element Stabilodrain® SD 30 has been chosen. The element was installed on the entire roof surface, even in the vegetated areas. Then it was covered with the highly resistant System Filter TG. The planting beds with shrubs and trees have different dimensions and are bordered with Corten steel. In some parts of the courtyard there are benches. To realize the architect’s concept of a harmonious courtyard paving slabs in brown and terracotta shades have been applied.

  • Courtyard with play ground and plant beds with lavender
    The attractively designed courtyard invites visitors to linger.
  • Residential brick buildings with vegetated courtyard
    To realize a harmonious concept paving slabs in brown and terracotta shades have been applied.
  • Car in courtyard surrounded by residential buildings
    The decking of the parking garage can be driven on safely.
  • Courtyard with plant beds, small trees and access to the underground garage
    A glass staircase leads from the underground parking garage to the top.
  • Bench in front of a plant bed with Buddleia and Sedum
    The planting beds are bordered with Corten steel.
  • Access to the underground garage
    Due to surrounding buildings from all sides it is well protected from street noise.