Zorlu Center, Istanbul

Large building with lucious vegetation on various levels
project profile data
Area: Approx. 80,000 m²
Construction year: 2011–2013
Architect/Design: EAA-İstanbul, Levent (Istanbul) and TABANLIOḠLU ARCHITECTS, Istanbul
Landscape Architect: DS MİmarlIk Dr. Deniz Aslan, Istanbul
Contractor: Karaoğlu Peyzay MİmarlIk Müh. Tİc. Ltd. Ştİ., Istanbul
System build-ups: with Floradrain® FD 40-E and FD 25-E and drip irrigation
Project report

In the heart of Istanbul, at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, a new lifestyle site has been created. The Zorlu Center is the result of the cooperation of two award-winning architect teams. This is the first mixed-use project in Turkey which meets five different functions. The four towers accommodate a hotel belonging to the luxury chain “Raffles”, exceptional office space with private terraces and residences for discerning families. Furthermore, the Zorlu Center houses a musical theatre for 2,300 guests, a shopping mall with about 180 stores arranged around a 10,000 m² large main square. A five-story parking garage is located in the basement as well as an underground pedestrian tunnel connecting the Zorlu Center with public transportation.

  • Large roof garden with lawn, shurbs and small trees
    More than 200 different plant species, including 68 species of trees were planted on top and around the Zorlu Center.
  • Planted beds, small trees and seats
    Seats and water features entice people to linger.
  • Shopping mall with plant beds and water features
    A shopping mall with about 180 stores was arranged around the main square.
  • Bird's eye view of the vegetated main square with escalators
    The main square is connected directly to the underground parking decks and the public transport via escalators