The latest press releases

ZinCo provides tried and tested solutions that do not require the roof membrane to be penetrated, thereby extending the life of the roof considerably.
ZinCo supplies the product Stabilodrain® SD 30 which allows for the installation of permanently reliable walkways and driveways on roofs.
The combination of green roof and solar energy can produce significant synergy effects: the green roof provides the superimposed load required to protect the system against wind uplift. Therefore, there is no need for roof penetration or heavy individual point loads. In addition, green roofs provide for a lower ambient temperature compared with bare or gravelled roofs and as a result they help to increase the yield from a solar energy system.
The new Stormwater Management Roof from ZinCo expands the retention effect of a green roof and in so doing effectively balances out precipitation peaks.
ZinCo has offered proven systems solutions for the greening of pitched roofs since 1990 and is able to give support in the planning of pitched green roofs from calculating loads to specifying number and location of support brackets and shear barriers required.
To meet the requirement of a significant reduction of irrigation and maintenance needs for Barbican Beech Gardens, the replanting concept provided naturalistic meadow-like flower-rich vegetation being, however, robust and drought-resistant enough to tolerate low water availability and requiring only little maintenance throughout the year. ZinCo provided the necessary green roof system for this ambitious landscape scheme.
Thanks to ZinCo green roof technology a total 72,000 m² of extensive and intensive roof gardens bring thriving nature and breathing, relaxing places into the architecture of Zorlu Center in Istanbul.
The experienced green roof system manufacturer, ZinCo, provided the technical basis for the design concepts in terms of plants, walkways and leisure areas of the High Line in New York.